Who We Are

TAQAT Development Company is a start-up private company (of ex-family business owners) incorporated in Saudi Arabia and registered under commercial registration number 2051048776. The Company, with a seasoned technical and professional leadership, will be developing a synthetic graphite cluster in Saudi Arabia. The cluster will include a Needle Coke plant (Needle coke is a precursor for the graphite project) to be developed inside the facility of Rabigh Refinery & Petrochemical Company (PRC). PRC will supply the scares Decant Oil feedstock. In addition, the cluster will include a Graphite plant that will be most probably co-located next to KSA proposed Electric Vehicle (EV) plant.

TAQAT enjoys very strong Government support since the proposed EV plant is supported by the Public Investments Fund (PIF) and the Saudi Government Industry Clusters, which is targeting to develop a world-class automotive industry to be a major regional player supplying the MENA market strong growth demand. TAQAT will be leading regional quasi-government entities to develop the subject needle coke and battery anode project. Further, TAQAT is supported by the Ministry of Energy, and the Ministry of Industry, to fast track the subject project to meet target production dates. The supply of the scarce feedstock from Petro Rabigh Refinery was culminated by officially signing the binding MOU between TAQAT and PRC in December 2020.


To be the leading provider of sustainable energy solutions that power growth and progress throughout the Middle East and North America (MENA) region. We are committed to driving innovation, efficiency, and reliability for our customers, from exploration and production to distribution and consumption. We aim to create value for our customers, employees, shareholders, and the communities in which we operate, while contributing to the prosperity and well-being of the MENA region and its people. 

Management Team

TAQAT’s management has well rounded expertise in major industrial projects.

Jamal A. Al Bassam

Chief Executive Officer

Last Position: CEO, TAQAT Holding Co, a subsidiary of Al Bassam Groups of Companies.

25 years’ experience in Saudi Aramco project management development of refinery, pipelines, infrastructure, power and IT.

BS civil engineering & MBA, KFUPM

Hamad A. Al Olayan

Chief Business Officer

Last Position: GM, Olayan Group

22 years’ experience in several executive positions in Saudi British Bank and Olayan Group. Board member for various private & public companies.

BA Finance, USA

Mohammed O. Al Subaie

Chief Financial Officer

Last Position: Chief Audit Executive, Saudi Aramco

35 years’ experience in internal audit, finance, corporate governance and risk management. Served as board member for several S Aramco JVs and currently audit committee member for several private and government companies.

BS Accounting, & MBA, CIA, CISA, and Certified Board Director

Awad M. Al Anazi

Chief Planning Officer

Last Position: CEO, Fiber Glass Oasis Co (2014-2017)

20 years’ experience in managerial positions, MD, Inma Co. (Al turki Group), GM, Al Bassam Group, engineering and operation SABIC Co.

BS Mech Eng/Aerospace Eng, KFUPM